Updating Drupal 8

Submitted by isntall on Wed, 07/06/2016 - 14:30

Update: I'm using pacman to keep Drupal and my system up-to-date and it is working great.

The setup I have for this D8 site is non-standard to say the least.

I use some Docker, some PHP provided by the host and....other things. Updating this site is non-trivial, so here are the steps I use.

cd ${base_www_dir} cp -R --reflink=always ${current_d8} ${new_d8} cd ${new_d8} git fetch --tag ${git_repo} git co ${new_tag} composer require drush/drush composer update cd vendor chmod 755 drush/drush/drush drush/drush/drush.complete.sh drush/drush/drush.launcher nikic/php-parser/bin/php-parse cd .. ./vendor/bin/drush @${site_name} st ./vendor/bin/drush @${site_name} updb