updating nextcloud

Submitted by isntall on Thu, 07/21/2016 - 09:03

Update: This is all taken care by the distro's package manager. Using the package manager is trivial and useful.

The following is how I was maintaining NextCloud:

wget ${URL}/${nextcloud}.tar.bz2
tar xjf ${nextcloud}.tar.bz2
cp ./${current-nextcloud-config} ./${new-nextcloud-config}
cp -rn ./${current-nextcloud-apps} ./${new-nextcloud-apps}
docker exect -it ${containerID} bash
su www-data -s /bin/bash
cd ${new-nextcloud}
php occ upgrade
rm ${nextcloud-current} && ln -s ${new-nextcloud} ${nextcloud-current}
php occ maintenance:mode --off
sudo salt state.apply