Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 3

Submitted by isntall on Sun, 02/18/2018 - 12:23

Getting more and more into better audio, I've found myself using audio DACs and better headphones.
Keeping up with the various changes to various Linux audio changes to get the best performance is something that has fallen to the wayside.

This is where Volumio comes into play, in my case it takes a RP3, a DAC and amp for high quality audio from a variety of sources (nfs, smb, Spotify, web radio, etc).

Write the image to a micro SD card, plug it in and start configuring. With this setup you can turn an old amp into a streaming amp with a web interface. You can choose your audio interface and create playlists with a variety of sources.

Currently the web interface is strong and intuitive, but the paid app is barely passible (when you consider it is paid).

There are many facets that need to be looked into, but it gives me a nice dedicated audio player.