No more Gummiboot

Submitted by isntall on Fri, 02/05/2016 - 22:03

With the advent of EFI, the Grub bootloader has become something that seems more trouble than it was worth.
So I chose to use Gummiboot as my bootloader and all was well....until recently.

I decided to switch my AUR package maintaining software from yaourt to pacaur, main for a change of pace.
This tipped me off on a couple things that I was unaware of, mainly that several of my AUR packages were orphaned and not being maintained.
As I looked thru the list, I noticed that Gummiboot was among them. Dismayed I did some research to figure what had happened, turns out over the summer systemd had absorbed Gummiboot. Ouch, I've been running almost 6 months without updates to my bootloader.